Four explosions at Jethavanarama

According to the report, explosions were seen from the quadrangular enclosure of the Jetavanarama Stupa, where the “Pati Dhatu” of Lord Buddha is buried. This is confirmed by a photo taken from a high angle by a drone camera.

The Jetavanarama built during the reign of King Mahasen in the fourth century AD is said to be 400 feet high. Jethavanarama is considered to be the largest brick stupa in the world. This Stupa occupies a special place among the world heritage sites.

In this regard, in an inquiry made to the Director General of the Central Cultural Fund, Prof. Gamini Ranasinghe, he said that in this regard, regular investigations and remedies are being carried out on a weekly basis and all the necessary work is being done.

Noting that there are some scratches not only in Jetavanarama but also in Ruwanweli Sai, he said that such things can happen in a history of about 2500 years.

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