Egg prices are falling.

As local egg production has exceeded the total daily requirement, the market may hold at 35 per egg during the upcoming festive season. the market Sources say.

In a recent discussion held at the Ministry of Agriculture regarding the price of chicken meat and eggs during the festive season, Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said that the price of an egg in the local market is currently between 42 and 48 rupees.

He said that the statements made by some people and groups to the media that the price of a local egg will rise to 100 rupees during the Sinhala Tamil New Year festival season will be broken.

He said that due to the long-term policy decisions taken by the Ministry, domestic egg production has now exceeded the total daily requirement.

“On average, the daily requirement of eggs in this country is 65 lakh. According to the Egg Producers Association, the production of eggs in local poultry farms has already exceeded 75 lakhs, said the ministe

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