Do not bring fake anti-India slogans to hinder the development of the North

Mr. Manusha Nanayakkara, Minister of Labor and Foreign Employment, said that it is the need of President Ranil Wickremesinghe to move the country forward by providing smart knowledge that suits the digital world, leaving aside the old racism and divisions, and that the President will give the Sri Lankan diaspora the necessary strength to even make investments in Sri Lanka.

He said while participating in the inauguration of the two-day program ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ which was started today (03) at the Pudukudiirippu Public Stadium.

addressing the gathering Minister Manusha Nanayakakara further to said:

” I do my politics in Galle. There are very few tamil people in my hometown. Majority is sinhala and muslim. But I started my politics in estate sector. until today i cannot forget those friendships and ties with the working people of the country.

Our bonds and friendships are as old as nations. The Sri Lankan nation is a nation that created a memolriyal statue for King Elara who ruled our country for 42 years after his death. Until the Portuguese conquered our country, the Tamil Vanniyars ruled some of the north-central provinces. At that time Sinhalese people spoke Tamil and Tamil people spoke Sinhala. Matara shop was in Jaffna. Jaffna shops were in Galle. Still there today. Our moneylenders from Jaffna are still in Galle and work closely with us. We were not divided into regions in history. But we were divided into each region and controlled. When the British came to this country, there was a Nayakkar king at kandy.

When we came to Mullaitivu today, the national anthem was sung in Tamil. When we come to Tamil-speaking provinces, we take that decision without fear. Because even the Sinhala society is unable to oppose it, because of our historical relationship. Tamil speakers should have the right to hear, sing and feel the national anthem in Tamil.

Who knows who took the decision to sing the national anthem in Tamil. The decision to sing the National Anthem in Tamil was taken when the current President Ranil Wickremesinghe was the Prime Minister.

Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe is on a clear road. A clear view. It is the opinion that to develop this country – this country can be developed only if we all come together regardless of race, religion, caste and color. He also took an oath on the day of May first, and said to join hands in this journey.

The people of this area had a serious problem about the right to their lands, when the war ended and the armed forces came to save and protect the people. At this time, the President is working to free up the majority of the land, keeping only the land needed for peacekeeping by the army.

We are creating a separate section called ‘Overseas Sri Lankan’. A ‘unit’ for Sri Lankans abroad. I presented the first cabinet paper on that . Then the President decided to work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under his leadership. Through that, the activities are going very well for our diaspora to solve their problems, talk about their problems, and give them the courage to come here and invest. By doing all this, the president has put the country on the right track by increasing the salaries of government employees, eliminating oil queues, eliminating gas queues, reducing the price of oil, reducing inflation, reducing the price of goods and the price paid per dollar. When he is taking the country on the right track, a group of people who jumped the tracks by saying racism and other things are trying to pull the country back.

Efforts are being made to reverse the development of the country and to reverse the reliefs received by the people. We want to eliminate unemployment. Create development, bring future investments to Sri Lanka, but some people want to take this back and preserve their political power.

We visited Adam’s Bridge in Mannar. It is also called the bridge where Rama came. India is thinking of rebuilding that old bridge. The President’s plan is to start the boat service in Thalaimannar and develop the mannar district with the help of India.

The anti Indian moovement of the extremist that killed sixty thousand in the south has now decreased a little. We are happy about that. But we remind the southern politicians not to bring that opposition to India when building these land routes in the near future, and not to undermine the development of the north.

At the invitation of the President, Mr. Kader Mastan came to the government to work for his people. However, we are pleased with Mr. Vino who not interfering with our government but giving his support to the development purpose of his people. I express my gratitude to the expatriate workers who sent 10.3 billion dollars to solve the country’s problems, and to all the Sri Lankans who sent dollars to support this country from Canada, England, even though they did not come here. The beginning of this program will be given to our foreign workers,” the minister added.

Minister of State for Rural Economic Affairs Kader Mastan, Members of Parliament Selvam Adaikkalanathan, S. Nogaradhalingam, Acting Secretary of the Ministry of Labor and Foreign Employment Lal Samarasekera, Mullaitivu District Secretary A. Umamaheswaran, Director General of Manpower and Security Department K.G.H.H.R. Kiriella, Foreign Employment Bureau Additional Secretaries S.M. Piyatissa, Miss. Olga, Commissioner General H.K.K.A.Jayasundara, from the Department of Labor. Pudukudiirippu Divisional Secretary S. Jayakanthan are also attended this event.

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