Cabinet approves six important decisions about energy sector

Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera said in a Twitter message that six critical matters in the power and energy sector have been approved by the Council of Ministers. Those decisions are shown below.

Granting retail licenses to China’s Sinopec, Australia’s United Petroleum and Britain’s Shell Plc to RM Parks of the United States to operate 150 petrol stations each currently owned by the Petroleum Corporation.

Award of contract for electric smart meters for Dehiwala area.

Commencement of first phase of 135 MW solar park at Sampur in association with National Thermal Power Corporation of India.

Conducting Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded feasibility study for pump storage.

To sign MoU for renewable energy cooperation with India.

Procurement of LNG Gas Turbines for Kelanitissa Power Plant

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