Ban on imports of goods other than vehicles will be lifted

The ban on the import of goods imposed at the moment is to be lifted in the next four months, but the restrictions on the import of vehicles will not be eased, according to Treasury sources.

According to Treasury sources, the vehicle import limit will be maintained as two billion US dollars a year is spent on vehicle import and it has a direct impact on the country’s foreign reserves. Accordingly, the vehicle import ban is scheduled to be implemented for another year.

Sources of the Ministry of Finance also state that after the relaxation of the currently imposed ban on goods, the number of imported goods will be limited to 100-150.

Accordingly, the import ban imposed on computers, mobile phones, televisions, hygiene products, food, clothes, leather products, beauty products, medical equipment, auto spare parts, industrial raw materials and ceramic products has been gradually removed.

After expressing the necessary agreement to provide the first installment under the extended credit facility provided by the International Monetary Fund, efforts are being made to gradually relax the import ban.

The International Monetary Fund has also requested a road map on how to ease the currently imposed import restrictions.

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