Australian players are making a wonderful cricket record.

The attention of the entire cricket world has turned towards Australia due to a unique incident that happened in the final of the Australian Women’s Cricket League.

The Tasmanian team won the match between the SAS team and the Tasmanian women’s team, and Sarah Coyette, a fast bowler, managed to break 5 opponent wickets by giving only one run in the last 6 balls of the match, which is considered a rare record in the world of cricket.

Batting first, the Tasmanian women scored 264 runs in their 50 overs. Accordingly, a target of 265 runs was set for the opposing team. But as the match was interrupted by rain, the SAS team got a target of 243 runs in 47 overs for victory according to the Duckwat Lewis theory.

Accordingly, they had only 4 runs in the last over to win. Everyone thought that they would win that match easily. But the strong Tasmanian players managed to break the remaining 5 wickets by giving only 2 runs in 6 balls.

Accordingly, the title of the tournament this year was held by the Tasmanian women’s team who won this match by 1 run.

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