Antibiotics could kill everyone in fifty years.

Dr. Deepal Perera, a pediatric specialist at Lady Ridgeway Hospital (LRH) said that by using antibiotics without medical prescription, even the bacteria necessary for the survival of the body may be destroyed and resistant bacteria may be created, which may cause everyone to die in about 50 years due to diseases spreading throughout the society. .

Commenting on the ‘World Antibiotic Awareness Week’ held from November 18 to 24, he further said that the world’s antibiotic experts have found this through research.

He points out that while antibiotics weaken and kill bacteria, taking them in high doses can even kill good bacteria.

He asked the parents not to give antibiotics to their children unnecessarily except when necessary. Antibiotics are given to children unnecessarily and they develop resistance to antibiotics in their bodies.

Antibiotics should be used only when necessary for bacterial infections. Doctors recommend this taking into account many factors including the age and weight of the person concerned.

“Antibiotics are not required for viral fever and diarrhea. Antibiotics for coughs, colds and minor injuries should be taken only on doctor’s prescription,” emphasized Dr. Deepal Perera.

He mentioned that it is essential to take antibiotics in the dose prescribed by the doctor.

However, he added that since antibiotics are essential for certain diseases, if new antibiotics are not found in the future, everyone will die due to bacterial infections