Another elephant death due to hakka patas

Wildlife Department says that a wild elephant which was seriously injured by eating hakka patas died yesterday (06) in Katukeliawa area of Minneriya Lake.

Due to the dry weather conditions prevailing in Polonnaruwa district these days, this elephant has become a victim of people who kill animals and sell their meat using hakka patas , targeting wild boars and that come to drink water.

The wild elephant that died was a 15-year-old, 7 feet tall male animal. The local residents have informed the wildlife officers that the elephant which had been fighting between life and death for several days in the Katukeliawa area of Minneriya Lake died yesterday evening (06).

Hakka Patas is a small shot bomb hidden in the foods that animals like to eat. It explodes in the mouth, causing damage to the jaw, tongue and brain. Animals inherit a painful death. Wild boars are targeted but elephants are affected. Produced locally.

Bandara Mudianse Polonnaruwa

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