America wins the moon again . ( vedio)

Man stepped on the moon 55 years ago. It was July 1969. Then some people went there. But the research died a little due to economic, social, military and political problems.

And the other thing is the American focus on Mars and space wars. Half of the year in America is cold. Snowfall disrupts people’s lives. Otherwise, the Americans would have finished building a “highway or bridge” to the moon by now. On February 8, NASA sent the Peregrine mission to the moon on the American goal of establishing a settlement on the moon in 2030, but it failed.

But not giving up the game is the American practice. “Intuitive Machines” launched the first lunar landing on February: 15. The robot called “Odysseus” took off from Florida’s Canaveral Point with the help of the Falcon-09 rocket of Elon Musk’s SpaceX, the world’s biggest billionaire.

It makes history as the first liquid-fueled spacecraft to land on the moon in collaboration with NASA and a private agency. The purpose of this trip is to research the presence of water sources on the moon and the behavior of dust particles as well as the south pole of the moon.

After traveling 3,84,400 kilometers to the moon, the “Odysseus” spacecraft landed in the Marapart A crater at the south pole of the moon while the world was watching live through social media. The southern part of the moon where the plane went is an area covered with deep craters where sunlight does not fall. Scientists believe that there is cold water in those craters. It is also said that the background is favorable for breathing and producing fuel.

Also, this space craft carried 125 small sculptures created by the American sculptor Jeff Kunsu and this is the first time that the works went to the moon. This is another unique victory not only for the United States but also for the human race. Watch the video below

Ashoka Jayatunga from Washington DC