A request to reduce the price of alcohol

According to the government sources, the government has not taken any decision regarding the reduction of the price of liquor, although the liquor production companies had requested it.

The government is of the opinion that the price of all consumer goods has gone up and that it is not even possible to consider lowering the price of alcohol. However, the government is of the opinion that if it is reduced in this way, it should be reduced from the tax revenue, and it is not possible at this time.

The liquor producers have indicated to the government that due to the increase in the price of liquor, the sales have seriously declined and they have to sacrifice their profits to maintain the industry. They also say that by lowering the price of liqour, the government can get a lot of profit because the sales will increase.

Meanwhile, doctors point out that due to the increase in the price of alcohol, there is a huge demand for illegal alcohol products, which is a serious health threat in the future.

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