A new tectonic boundary is created, pulling Sri Lanka into a seismic zone.

In the past 4 months, Sri Lanka has experienced 9 small scale earthquakes, and the reason is that there is a risk of creating a new tectonic boundary between 900 and 1000 kilometers to Sri Lanka, Director General of Geology and Mines Bureau, M. M. J. it. Ajith Prema says. Joining a press conference held today, he said that because of that risk, there is now a tendency for earthquakes to occur in Sri Lanka.

The Department of Geology and Mining said that the majority of the earthquakes recorded in the past 4 months occurred in the interior of the country and the rest in the ocean region. It is the first time that 09 earthquakes have been reported in the country within a short period of time.

Peradeniya University Senior Professor Atula Senaratne says that since earthquakes have been reported recently, it is important to confirm the functionality of tsunami worning towers.

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