A hint from Lal Kant that the JVP is gearing up for another armed struggle

Addressing the National People’s power Senkadagala Constituency Conference held in Ampitiya, Kandy yesterday (05), the party’s national executive member K.D. Lalkantha said that he is ready to participate in an armed struggle for the benefit of the oppressed people.

He said that the people of this country are under more pressure than they can bear and the National People’s power is ready to rescue them from the unfortunate situation they are in.

KD Lal Kanta, who gave further comments, said: “Diversity is necessary to win a battle. Unlike before, we are preparing to move forward by connecting that diversity. In addition to elections, armed struggles were also carried out to overthrow governments in this country. I have also participated in those armed struggles. Even now, if necessary, I am ready to join any future armed struggle for the benefit of these oppressed people.”

“People used to fear the politicians of this country. But now people are afraid of politicians. We should all come together and demand an election at this time. No force can stop the establishment of a government of the National People’s Force in the future.

The Janata Vimukti Peramuna led two armed struggles in 1971 and 1987-89, when the JVP gained power, and during those struggles, more than one lakh people were killed and millions of properties were destroyed.

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