A group of army women’s soldiers protested by crossing a road.

A group of soldiers belonging to the 4th volantear Women’s Corps of the Sri Lanka Army, attached to the Mullaitivu Kokavil Army Camp, have been protesting on the nearby road for two days.

A group of 125 soldiers attached to the Cocaville camp participated in this protest. It is said that this group of people who have been attached to the Kokavil Army Camp so far have been informed to go to Vavuniya and have started this protest against that order.

As they saaid that they have to face a lot of problems while working in Vavuniya, they request that this transfer be canceled immediately and given the opportunity to continue working in the Kokaville camp which was a convenient place of work for them.

Our correspondents say that the soldiers who have joined the protest are wearing civilian clothes and some soldiers can be seen joining the protest with small children.

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