20 billion rupees is wasted in the use of government vehicles

A research paper submitted to the Sectoral Oversight Committee on Energy and Transport has revealed that Government vehicles which are running at a cost of Rs. 300 per kilometre can be run at a cost of 100 rupees.

These facts are revealed in the research paper prepared by the Department of Manpower and Employment on “Public Resource Management” which was presented at the Sectoral Oversight Committee on Energy and Transport recently.

The research paper revealed that According to the statistics of the year 2022, government institutions own about 82,000 vehicles. But the report says only 76,000 are in running condition, while around 5500 vehicles are not in motorable.

According to the research, the cost of driving one kilometre of a vehicle in running condition is approximately between Rs. 300 and Rs.500 . But the vehicles required by government institutions are hired from the private sector on a rent or lease basis, it is possible to run a kilometre with Rs. 100 or less amount.

“If this process is followed by removing the state-owned vehicles, about 20 billion rupees of government expenditure can be saved,” the research revealed.

By considering these informetion, Nalaka Bandara Kottegoda the Chair of the committee recommended that a sub-committee be appointed under the Chairmanship of Yadamini Gunawardena for further study of this research paper and submit a report to Parliament.

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