Two Palestinian refugee families to Sri Lanka

Two Palestinian families of Sri Lankan origin who lost all their possessions in the Gaza Strip due to the Hamas-Israel war have arrived in Sri Lanka.

According to the Palestinian Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Dr. Zuhair Dar Zaid, these two families are of Sri Lankan and Palestinian origin. The mothers of both families are Sri Lankan Muslims.

“We didn’t have passports and the Sri Lankan embassy helped us get passports,” 16-year-old Saeed Al-Habash told the media.

“I am helpless because I have no income to live. My children are more affected by the conflict. Their education was at a standstill. It is difficult for them to start their education because of the language problem. Now my intention is to bring my husband to Sri Lanka. We are currently settled in Kegalle. However, my children want to stay in Colombo,” said Syed’s mother Sithi Suiheina.

Dr. Said thanked the Government of Sri Lanka for helping the two families escape from Gaza. “We call on the international community to see that there is peace in Gaza. Israel wants to expel the Palestinian people from their homeland. There is genocide in Gaza and it must stop. People there are in a lot of trouble,” he said. He said that 23,000 people have died in Gaza so far.