Three more arrested for killing five people in Belyatte.

Three more suspects have been arrested in connection with the murder of five people near the Beliatta highway entrance.

Two suspects have been arrested by the officers of the Hungama Police Station and the officers of the Matara Division Criminal Investigation Division have arrested one more suspect in Matara.

Three persons aged 28, 42 and 58 have been arrested. They are residents of Negombo, Alavwa and Bussa.

They have been arrested for disposing of the T-56 firearms used in the killings and dealing in money during the commission of crimes.

Yesterday (30), two women were arrested in an operation carried out by a team of Hakmana police station officers in Rathgama area regarding this murder.

They were arrested in connection with transporting the two firearms used to commit the crime from Karapitiya area to Bussa area on a motorcycle belonging to one of the suspects. – Dhehemi Madhushika