The shooter in the Beliatta murder was a police officer

It has been revealed that one of the shooters who shot and killed five people, including the leader of Ape Janbala Party, Saman Perera, was a suspended police inspector.

It is reported that the other shooter in this killing was a deserter who fled the country about a week after the shooting. According to the report, after the murder, he got out of the jeep from Kamburupitiya town and fled in a bus going to Matara.

Information has been revealed that the second shooter, who is currently believed to be in Sri Lanka, is the suspended police inspector who is in close association with Kosgoda Sujee. .

Police information revealed that the shooter was able to be identified through security camera footage and phone analysis reports.

Three mobile phones belonging to an officer of the Kollupitiya police were also made public to provide information if there is any information about him. The phone numbers are 0742 226 022 /0718 591 492 /0718 594 455.