The President is planning to reduce the cabinet ministries by breaking the ministerial dreams of Pohottuwa.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe says that having only 30 cabinet ministries is enough. He said this while attending a meeting held at the Presidential Secretariat with the Ministry Secretaries and Provincial Chief Secretaries.

The President has emphasized that this current situation should be maintained in the future. Expressing further thoughts, the President said as follows

“Today there are about 30 ministries. Let’s limit it there. What has happened now is that local government and state administration have been made into one ministry. Irrigation and canals are now together. Plantation industries and agriculture should be brought under one ministry by the end of next year.

Also, international trade and foreign affairs should be together. This new restructuring must begin now. We have the ability to finish some of those activities next year.

First is the implementation of the proposals of the International Monetary Fund. We cannot get away from it and have to move forward with it. This will only lead to stability in the economy. After that we should focus on how to repay this loan. For that we have to go for a rapid development program. We have targeted the year 2048 for that.

Every ministry is responsible for the bankruptcy of this country’s economy. We had to spend some time to provide money for certain activities. It only resulted in wastage of people’s money. It is fair for the youth to question what happened to the country.”

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