The President extends the term of the Electoral Law Revision Commission

President Ranil Wickremesinghe has extended the period of the commission of inquiry appointed to make the necessary recommendations to amend the election laws chaired by former Chief Justice Priyasad Dep by another 02 months.

The commission had earlier stipulated that its recommendations should be given before 15th of April. According to the new extension, the time for submission of recommendations has been extended till June 15.

The inquiry commission was assigned to examine the election rules and make recommendations to amend the election rules to suit the needs of the time.

Increasing the representation of women and youth, reducing the time from the day the election is announced to the day the election is held and the results are released, providing the opportunity to vote by using modern technology in voting, making the necessary arrangements for Sri Lankans living abroad to vote. The relevant committee had been instructed to make recommendations on many matters including.