The monk who raped a girl with the help of her mother is remanded

According to the report, a budhhist monk, who lives in a temple in Moratuwa, was arrested for abusing an eleven-year-old girl.

According to the police, the monk had an affair with the abused girl’s mother and abused the girl in a luxury apartment complex in Mt.lavina.

It is reported that the girl was taken to the place by her mother, where the girl was abused by giving her mother a lot of drugs and making her sleep.

The mother threatened the girl not to tell anyone about the incident, but the girl told her father and grandmother about the incident. After the father complained to the police, the Mt.lavinia Child and Women’s Bureau has arrested the relevant name and the mother who supported the incident.

After submitting the name of the suspect to the Mount lavinia Magistrate’s Court, he was remanded until the 30th, and the mother has been released on bail.

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