The Minister of State for Finance reveals the ugly work done by the importers

The minister says that the reason why the number of containers that are imported daily has exceeded 1000 in a day is because the importers have deliberately taken advantage of the increase in VAT.

The minister pointed out that the strategy of these importers is to complete the clearance of these goods before the first of January when the VAT will increase to 18% and sell them at a higher price as imported goods with VAT. He mentions that it is also the role of the media to intervene to prevent such actions.

According to the report, heavy container traffic has been created due to this situation.

Meanwhile, the minister also commented on the need to raise the price of alcohol again due to the increase in VAT. He said that although things like fuel, gas, chemical fertilizers are subject to VAT, due to the decision to exempt ports and airports from tax, the price of non-essential goods like alcohol will have to be increased to balance the lost revenue.