The CID is tasked to investigate sexual harassment of women in Parliament

Parliamentary Secretary General Kushani Rohanadhira said that the reports that there is continuous sexual harassment for women members of Parliament staff and that no proper investigation and action are taken are completely false.

Issuing an announcement, the Secretary General emphasizes that when such cases are reported regarding disciplinary violations in the Parliament, the relevant investigations are conducted under the guidance of the Speaker in a very impartial manner.

The General Secretary mentions that although an incident of sexual harassment of several employees was reported, the internal committee appointed in this regard conducted a very impartial investigation and the investigation report has now been handed over to her. Furthermore, she pointed out that the chief officer who is suspected to be involved has been suspended, and accordingly, related measures will be taken promptly.

The Secretary General also mentioned that further investigations have been conducted in this regard and handed over to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for law enforcement.