The C. P. Council issues a circular preventing the collection of money from parents for school events

The Central Provincial Council has issued a special circular to the schools under its control.

It is reported that the number of events organized by all the schools in the Central Province should be limited to only seven. The Central Provincial Education Director Menaka Herath has issued this special circular in view of complaints that some schools collect money from parents for festivals.

According to this circular, permission has been given to hold 3 festivals in the first term and 4 festivals in the second and third terms. Apart from that, if any event is held, the permission of the provincial director of education should be obtained.

In the first term, children’s admission ceremony, freedom ceremony and inter-house sports festival are allowed. Accordingly, in the second and third semesters, the education tour, art festival, colurs granting , annual prize Pradhannotsava have been allowed to exist.

Kaweesha Vidanagamage