Sri Lanka’s foreign reserves double in one year.

According to the latest Central Bank report, Sri Lanka has managed to double its foreign reserves within a period of twelve months, says Minister of State for Finance Ranjith Siyambalapitiya.

Accordingly, the official reserve amount of the country which was 2.2 billion dollars in February 2023 has also grown to 4.5 billion dollars by February this year, the Minister of State said.

In addition, he also emphasized that the amount of tourism earnings of 162 million dollars in February 2023 has increased to 346 dollars in February this year.

Commenting on inflation, the Minister of State said that the inflation in March has decreased to 0.9 and the inflation in the non-food sector was 0.5.

The Minister of State for Finance emphasized this at a conference held in Ruwanwella area to clarify the facts regarding the latest Central Bank report.