Skill certificates for informal workers

The Vavuniya expansion of the ‘Garu Saru’ program, which was started to give respect to the labor of all those working in the informal sector, started yesterday at the stadium of Vavuniya Gamini Vidyalaya under the leadership of the minister Manusha Nanayakakara .

This program was organized in conjunction with the Jayagamu Sri Lanka program organized by the Ministry of Labor and Foreign Employment.

The basic expectation of the basic Jayagamu Sri Lanka program is to bring the services of all the institutions under the Ministry of Labor and Foreign Employment to the people.

Under the Garu Saru program, professionals working in the informal sector of Vavuniya district were given the opportunity to certify their skills. Under that, the money spent for the people who want to certify their qualifications will be managed under the Ministry of Labour.