Ratnapure Wimala Buddhi remanded.

After being arrested this morning (21), the court ordered that the man named Rathnapure Wimala Buddhi (‘Vishwa Buddha Muni’ of Ratnapura,) who was produced before the Gangodawila Magistrate’s Court, will be kept in custody until January 26.

Earlier also, He was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department, remanded and later released on bail.

This person, who has been accused of making statements insulting Buddhists and Buddhism and released them on the internet, has been arrested again by the Criminal Investigation Department this morning in Kalgedihena area.

At the time of the arrest of this, the Criminal Investigation Department had reported to the court that an amount of 25 lakh rupees had been transferred to the suspect’s account by an external party.

There, the Criminal Investigation Department reported the facts and stated that sometimes he appeared as an officer and in some cases as an ordinary person.

Also, when he was arrested, the Criminal Investigation Department mentioned that information has been revealed that some organized group is behind this person.