National schools are abolished. All schools under provincial councils

The Chairman of the Sectoral Monitoring Committee on Education, Member of Parliament V Radhakrishnan mentions that it has been proposed to abolish all national schools in accordance with the education reforms. Accordingly, it has been proposed to run all the schools in the country only under the provincial councils, he added.

Accordingly, the chairman said that proposals have been made not to run two types of schools, national and provincial, and to entrust the school supervision and administrative work carried out by the Ministry of Education to the Provincial Council.

It has also been suggested that all schools should be run under an administrative system that does not change from provincial council to provincial council.

The A-level examination will be brought to grade 12 and the general examination to grade 10 and eight schools around a main school will be fed and maintained.

According to the new reforms, it is proposed to run schools under three categories namely Primary, Six-Nine, and Advanced.