More than half of the largest inscription in Sri Lanka has been destroyed

A preliminary report on the largest inscription found in dhibulagala on July 10, 2023, has been released by the special committee appointed in this regard. For that purpose, a special press conference was organized at the Government Information Department.

According to the copies of this inscription, it was decided that it belongs to the first half of the second century BC or earlier, said Professor Karunasena Hettiarachchi of the Department of Archeology of the University of Sri Jayawardenepura who attended the press conference.

Meanwhile, the professor mentioned that there are 10 lines of Brahmi characters in the inscription and in addition, there are 6 extremely rare symbols that have not been seen in the inscriptions in the history of this country.

Also, the professor further mentioned that about 60% of the relevant inscription has been erased, and accordingly, it was possible to prepare a rough meaning based on the remaining 40% lines of characters that could be read.

It was composed using 24 Brahmi characters and there were nearly 1000 letters in the entire inscription. The professor said that because water is essential for the monks, the inscription also mentions the supply of water to the top of the hill.

Meanwhile, he mentions that this inscription mentions about offering a cave to the Bikku and offering a pagoda.

Also, a devotee of the Sangha was mentioned in the inscription. Meanwhile, the professor further said that the committee that investigated the matter had a note about any harvest tax.

It is also mentioned here about making a hut called Barajaya and offering it to the Sangha. The professor mentioned that it was difficult to read the letters mentioned in the first and second lines and further mentioned that it mentions a king named Diparaja, a person named Shiva and the wife of a monk named Baghubashiga.

In this article, a gem businessman named Kolitha is mentioned and in the fourth line, there is a mention of a Gampalaka person, the professor said.

The professor mentioned that there is a note about the preparation of a road by the village headman and a prince named Tissa is also mentioned in the letter.

The professor said in the press conference that a prince named Suratissa is also mentioned in the letter.

In the meantime, the professor further mentioned that there was mention of a village leader and the name of Theru.

The professor also mentioned that there was some reference to the southern direction in the relevant inscription

The professor says that the inscription also mentioned about a prince named Vishaka and a trading company called Ariya in the Brahmin village