Mission Yukthiya is mandatory for all policies

Acting Inspector General of Police Deshbandu Tennakoon today adressed all haigh ranking officers of police instructed them that all Police stations throughout the island should be actively involved in the yukthiya operation from 14.01.2024

Under this, a list of 35505 open warrants to be executed all over the island, 4258 suspects who have been identified through fingerprints and have not been arrested so far and 807 suspects wanted for crimes in 2022 and 1678 in 2023 as 2485 suspects as a total of 42248 suspects. Criminal Divisions were handed over to Station Commanders.

The Acting Inspector General of Police has ordered that all crime branch officers should be deployed 24 hours a day to bring the suspects in the above 3 lists to justice by carrying out operations covering their police domains within the next one month.