Lawsuits to the Public Institutions Restructuring Unit

Several companies have filed lawsuits against the Finance Minister, the State Minister for Finance and the Public Institutions Restructuring Unit. It is due to inviting bids (RFQ) from them for the opportunity to execute certain projects.

However, the lawyers of the respondent party protested and said that the case should be dismissed as their service providers mentioned in the petition are not parties involved in the evaluation. They said that the CANC and SeCANC committees are related to the Technology Evaluation Committee.

The lawyers told the court that apart from the finance minister, the state minister of finance and the public institutions restructuring unit, the committees cannot file lawsuits and the cases are unknown and not known to the public.

It has been suggested that the reason for keeping these committees secret is to allocate shares of state-owned enterprises to favored companies and to benefit the people in charge of the tender process