It is not fair for other workers to ask for allowances in the medical profession

Although it is accepted that the health workers deserve a salary increase, the health ministry says that the salary increase demanded by the health unions is not fair at this time.

The rest of the health unions have launched a number strike since yesterday in protest against the government’s decision to increase the DAT allowance for doctors by 35,000 rupees.

Commenting on this, Deputy Director General (Medical Services) Dr. G. Wijesuriya said the primary focus of the Ministry of Health is to ensure effective and proper delivery of health services to the common people.

“Besides, we also ensure to facilitate the health workers. “But the grievances raised by the trade unions are not fair because the stipend is paid according to the professional standards of the doctors,” he pointed out.

“Furthermore, if the regular health workers are asking for a pay hike similar to what has been given to doctors, it may not be considered a fair demand,” he added.

Nevertheless, he said, the Ministry of Health has decided to recommend a reasonable salary hike to all health workers in due course.