Investigations to find the couple who cheated 22,000 and stole 8 billion

The Criminal Investigation Department and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka have launched separate investigations to arrest a couple who defrauded of 8 billion rupees claiming to set up a trading company.

The husband and wife have reportedly defrauded over 22,000 people across the country, and the process is similar to a pyramid scheme. This person has stated that the promoters’ money will be invested in a company in the United Arab Emirates, and the commission will be given to the people who have invested. For this he has started a business school and a company in Kurunegala area and he has also served as its chairman.

Initial investigations have revealed that the business school and the company were registered with forged documents and shown to the people investing money.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that some have invested between 15 and 15 lakh rupees for this business and some have not received any benefit.