India’s Petronet begins power operations in Sri Lanka

Foreign media reports that Petronet LNG, India’s largest liquefied natural gas company, will start supplying LNG to Sri Lanka in 2025, its chief executive Akshay Kumar Singh said yesterday.

It is reported that he said that Sri Lanka expects to supply liquefied gas to meet the needs of industries and others, and negotiations were held for about a year to select those suppliers, and in the end, Petronet got the opportunity to become the liquefied gas supplier company in Sri Lanka.

At the beginning of the supply of liquefied gas, 850 tons of gas per day will be sent to Sri Lanka in containers of 17 tons each, says Petronet CEO. He says that these supplies are for five years and during that time, the company is going to build a floating LNG terminal in the port of Colombo.

“Supply will start in 18 months or so,” he said.

Petronet company imports LNG from Qatar, Australia and other countries. They have two terminals for that and the terminals are located in Gujarat and Kerala.

It is the company’s expectation to send the LNG chilled gas to Sri Lanka by container from Cochin to Sri Lanka. The company hopes to send a vessel carrying 100 such containers to Sri Lanka every two days.

A regasification unit in Colombo will regasify LNG for use in gas power plants. The Indian company is going to spend 2500 crore rupees for this project.