I have no brokers. I am a direct representative of the people

Labor and Foreign Employment Minister Mr. Manusha Nanayakkara said today (23) that when he comes from Israel with a job bag, he is criticized for giving jobs abroad and, those parties are working to take the youth to the pit like ‘the tiger’s spots have not changed even though the forest has changed’. He said while participating in the ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka – Smart Youth Club’ program to encourage young professionals held in Matala.

The ‘Smart Youth Club’ program was held on the second day of the Matale district program of the ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ program organized by the Ministry of Labor and Foreign Employment and the program was held at the Edward Stadium in Matale.

Minister’s personal advisor Shyam Yahampath also participated in the encouragement event with the minister.

“Two years ago, you didn’t have lights to study at home. The youth community should be happy. They should conquer life. The youth should accept challenges. The youth in Matale are the descendants of the people who contributed to the fight to save the country. We are all pessimistic. Sadness. We have come to the point where we are a little happy, but we need to get up from where we are falling. In the political change of 1956 we lost English too. It was done for the sake of political interests.

I came from Israel yesterday. We get country jobs in Korea, Middle East and Europe. To give them professional training, in the case of the hotel industry, through the Ceylon Hotel School, the amount of three lakhs will be paid from the President’s Fund. If one wants to receive vocational training aimed at foreign jobs, the President’s Fund has already provided space. Some can work. No certificate. Through Smart Youth Club, we bear the money to check the previous knowledge and give the certificate.

There are places, where many young people are deceived by the name of overseas jobs. Now there are jobs to go to the abroad for agriculture, hotels, construction. But, in the meantime, there are also thieves who claim to be put on the minister’s list. Don’t get caught to the brokers . There’s no such persons at all . I have no brokers. I am a direct representative of the people When I comes from Israel carrying a bag of job,

”Kayianayaka’s held a red rally at Matara and says that, Manusha goes to Matale and distributes the work. To send boys and girls abroad, to farm, to sell their labor. Nothing but it’s just bragging.

Do you want this job or not ? The majority of young people ask them to send the overseas. The group that killed 60,000 youths is trying to take the youth to the pit as if the tiger’s spot have not changed even though the forest has changed. At the end of the music concert here last night, a group came and threatened us, saying how can Manusha come from Galle and perform here. Everyone here asked me to come. Some people don’t like this.

According to the world’s opinion, the sun is said to be a burning lump. He said the earth is spherical. Now there is a debate whether amaricans went to the moon. There are ideologies based on politics and Marxism, liberalism, fascism and nationalism. Racism is used to separate the races of our country. Now in the digital world opinions are being changed by advertising. Remembering about the brand. Happiness is also relative.

2048 We have solved the problems of the country and done what we need to make the country a debt-free country. 2048 is the time for the youth to take over the country. This is not something Ranil Wickremesinghe is doing to the President. Something that is done to create a free country for the people. I can give all benefits to Galle. I don’t get anything for Matale. We will not get anything even if we go to Vavuniya next week. “The future people who will take over the country in 2048 will say that the mango seed planted by President Ranil Wickremesinghe has become a big tree today and this country has become a developed country,” said the minister.