Elle Gunawamsa Thero says don’t give priority to principles during Vesak festival

Elle Gunawamsa Thero says that since Vesak celebrations are based on decorations, when Vesak is approaching, issuing announcements asking to give priority to buddhist principles is setting a wrong example. He further said that in the past we had many Buddhist festivals like Vesak, Esala, Nikini, and Poson, but with the passage of time, we only have the Vedak and poson festival only.

Due to the Vesak festival, many electricians, musicians, carvers, painters and actors have been gifted to the country. Former leading actors of this country have come forward through Vesak plays and singers have come forward through singing Vesak devotional songs. Many artists and dramatists are like that. It is the duty of the government and the Buddhist people to protect this festival.

He said this during a discussion on Vesak celebrations in Colombo with the participation of representatives of the Shasanarakshaka Mandala and officials of government institutions including Buddhist organizations.

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