Electricity cut off, beaten with sticks and teeth broken.

Samanalaweva police said that 07 senior students of the University of Sri Lanka Sabaragamuwa were arrested in connection with an incident of assaulting a female student and several students of the Faculty of Agriculture.

A group of senior students of the Faculty of Agriculture of Sabaragamu University attacked them with stics last night (09) while cutting off the electricity. The police said that an injured student and two students have been taken to the hospital.

Police further said that after being admitted to Pambahinna Hospital, they were transferred to Balangoda Base Hospital for further treatment.

The students who were attacked said that they had brought food from outside and were having dinner in the canteen of the Faculty of Agriculture when a group of senior students came and cut off the electricity and attacked them with sticks.

Police investigation has revealed that the incident took place at around 10.30 that night and one of the student’s teeth was damaged due to being hit in the mouth, Samanalaweva police said.

Kaweesha Vidanagamage