Driving licenses for the totally hearing impaired…

Minister of Transport, Highways and Mass Media, Cabinet Spokesman Bandula Gunawardena said that the Cabinet approved the first time to issue light vehicle driver’s licenses to the hearing impaired.

He gave the following facts about this.

“Singapore, the United States of America, and many other countries in the developed countries of the world have prepared standard procedures for driving light vehicles for the hearing impaired, and a program that gives licenses is being implemented worldwide.

For this, we presented a cabinet paper after considering a lot of matters from various parties, the Department of Motor Transport Commissioner, Ceylon Automobile Association, Associations of the Hearing Impaired, Police Driving Sections, Training Institutes, International Organizations, etc.”

For this purpose, a pilot project was conducted based on Gampaha district and for the first time it was possible to give light vehicle licenses to people with total hearing impairment.