Dalada Maliga, Vishnu Temple are in serious danger due to Udawatta forest

Governor’s lawyer Lalith U. Gamage informed the Kandy District Coordinating Committee that there is a risk of damage to many institutions including the Kandy Presidential house, Vishnu Temple and Sri Talanda Palace due to the water stream flowing from the Udawatta forest on rainy days.

He informed that many government institutions including the governor’s office may be damaged due to continuous rainwater.

The Governor also pointed out that the Kandy District Forest Officer and the Director General of the Forest Conservation Department informed about this and that one of the reasons for this is the non-maintenance of the old drainage system that drains water from the Udawatta forest.

The coordinating committee drew attention to the fact that the forest conservation department should maintain the drainage systems built in the Udawatta forest, but for the maintenance of the other systems through which water flows, the contribution of the relevant institutions, including the Kandy Municipality, should be taken.

The Governor said that the Director General of Forest Conservation was informed to repair the drainage systems flowing from Udawatta forest to Kandy city.

Kandy District Coordinating Committee Chairman Member of Parliament Gunathilaka Rajapakse, Central Province Chief Secretary Ajith Premasinghe, Kandy District Secretary Chandana Thennakoon also spoke.

Nadika Daya Bandara
From Kandy