Kerosene oil emerges from a Mullaitivu well

It is reported that something like kerosene has emerged from a well in Pudukudiruppu area of Mullathivu. After the owner of the land where the well was located informed the police, the Pudukudiruppu police went to the place and informed the people not to use the well.

The owner said that the well had been abandoned for a long time and decided to clean it and put it back into use. “When we draw water, it was a smell of kerosene. We told the ”Grama sewaka”. He advised me to call the police,” said the owner of the well.

The police said that an LTTE camp was located near the well, and kerosene may have leaked into the well due to a leak in their underground fuel storage. A senior police officer said that a report will be submitted to the Mullaitivu Magistrate and steps will be taken to carry out excavation work in the surrounding area.

The police have informed the people not to visit the place frequently and not to use the well for any purpose until further investigations are conducted.