“Ceylonese Crabs” brings Sri Lankan “taste” to Singapore

No matter where they are in the world, Sri Lankans have a strong desire for local food flavored with local spices. Therefore, the emergence of Sri Lankan restaurants in many foreign countries is becoming a common experience.

But it was not easy for Sri Lankans in Singapore to enjoy real Sri Lankan food, who are more inclined towards Chinese and Indian cuisine. To fill that gap, a Sri Lankan restaurant called “Ceylonese Crabs” with full Sri Lankan dishes was opened in Singapore on the 2nd.

This new restaurant owned by Nuwan Bandara, a Sri Lankan businessman based in Singapore. He oppened “Ceylonese Crabs” by expanding his business network to new business space, and it is located at Blk 1202, Seafood Center, East cost Park, Singapore.

Sri Lanka High Commissioner Senarath Dissanayake participated as the chief guest for the opening ceremony of “Ceylonese Crabs”. A large number of people including Sri Lankans joined the Ceylonese Crab opening ceremony which took place in the midst of ”Seth Pirit Sajjayana” of Maha Sangharatne.

At “Ceylonese Crabs”, which is completely decorated with Sri Lankan decorations and home decorations, you can get an understanding not only of Sri Lankan food but also of local architecture, handicrafts and home decoration patterns.

It is reported that Ceylonese Crabs”foods are as popular among foreigners as it is among Sri Lankans, and thatCeylonese Crabs” has succeeded in taking the art of Sri Lankan cuisine to the world by breaking the territorial boundaries.