Ceylon Teachers Union condemns making education an essential service.

Although two months have passed since the end of G.C.E A-level examination, the government did not provide a positive solution to the problem related to the examination of A-level answer sheets. In spite of this, the President had stated that if the A-Level answer sheets are not checked, education will become an essential service. We strongly condemn this undemocratic statement made by the President who has come to power without any people’s power .

Although the Minister of Education referred a cabinet paper and obtained approval to increase the allowances paid to teachers for the evaluation of answer sheets, the Treasury under the President did not allocate the necessary funds to implement that cabinet paper. .

Also, in order to maintain the quality of the A-level examination, it is a serious problem if university professors are required to be invigilators, instead of discussing with them and solving their problems and starting the evaluation of the answers, it is a serious problem.

We further point out that under this situation, the government should discuss with the university lecturers and provide prompt solutions to their problems and provide sufficient allowances to the teachers who check the answer sheets.

  • Ceylon Teachers Association

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