Australian citizenship for Dilshan, who introduced Dilscoop to the world…

Former Sri Lankan all-rounder Thilakarathne Dilshan has received Australian citizenship, Australian MP Jason Wood has confirmed in a social media post.

Jason Wood stated that Dilshan is considered to be the best run-scorer of Sri Lanka in the history of ODI, and he was the highest scorer by scoring 500 runs in the 2011 ICC World Cup. Dilshan managed to score a century against England in the semi-final to give victory to Sri Lanka.

“Great to hear that his daughter Resandhi is also following in her father’s footsteps,” he added in his social media post.

It is further stated in the note left by the MP that he hopes that Dilshan will make a special contribution to the country’s cricket in the future. Cricket critics consider Dilshan to have developed the hit called ‘Dil’s Coupe’ which is still attractive today. –Dhehemi Madhushsika