Apple halts electric car project

According to the report, the project launched by Apple to produce an electric car has been cancelled.

Accordingly, it is said that the project carried out with Apple for the production of an electric car for about a decade will come to an end. Although the Apple company did not officially make a statement regarding the creation of an electric car, it was reported on many occasions that about two thousand people had been employed for it.

With this situation, the group of employees who were used to create electric cars are going to be used by Apple for its new artificial intelligence projects.

It is revealed that Apple has spent more than one billion dollars on its electric car project and it is said that it was under the direct supervision of the company’s chief executive, Tim Cook.

The demand for electric cars around the world has fallen recently and some of the technical challenges there have been the main reason. Accordingly, it is also revealed that the attention paid by many car companies to electric cars has decreased.