Anura Kumara goes to see the Amul company that is about to take over Sri Lanka’s dairy industry.

The delegation including the leader of the National People’s Power, Anura Kumara Dissanayake, who is on an official visit in india, is reported to have visited several places in the state of Gujarat.

They have participated in a Tata car manufacturing plant as well as solar energy monitoring.

In addition, the delegation including the leader of National People’s Power, Anura Dissanayake, has engaged in a field trip covering the production process of the Amul Dairy Company located in Anand, Gujarat.

It is also reported that they have exchanged views on the new conditions of milk production with a group of experts in the field of milk production including the chief executive officer of that institution, the chairman of the National Milk Development Board.

Earlier, opposition groups led by National People’s Power had previously accused that Amul Company is working to acquire the monopoly of the milk production process in Sri Lanka.