Another company joins the fuel fray.

State Minister for Power and Energy D. V. Chanaka said that ”RM Parks”, the next company to join the petroleum market in Sri Lanka, has paid the relevant license fees and deposit fees.

He expressed these views while joining the news conference held at the Presidential Media Center yesterday (08) under the theme ‘One way to a stable country’. However, the state minister further mentioned that it will take another two months for the company’s first fuel ship to reach Sri Lanka.

The Minister of State who further commented,

“Currently, RM Parks has paid 3 million dollars, which means the license is 2 million dollars, and the deposit is 1 million dollars. All 3 million dollars have been paid. But our committee gets days to bring fuel stocks. Accordingly, we cannot give one day to bring fuel to that company now ir self. It will take at least two more months,” he said.

However, although lanka Indian Oil Company and China’s Sinopec have come to Sri Lanka to sell fuel at competitive prices, every time the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation increases the prices, it is seen that the respective companies also raise the prices and sell fuel at the same price.