An urgent program to increase the wages of plantation workers on the instructions of the President.

Minister of Labor and Foreign Employment Mr. Manusha Nanayakkara said that measures are being taken to increase the wages of plantation workers, with the intervention of President Ranil Wickramasinghe. Minister
further instructed the officials of the ministry to take prompt actions for this matter

The minister mentioned this during the discussion held with the union members representing the plantation workers regarding the proposal presented by the employers’ federation regarding the increase in the daily wages of the plantation workers.

In relation to this proposal, the plantation unions stated that they could not agree on its facts. Accordingly, the trade unions also requested to give the increase in daily wages that they are demanding. The Minister mentioned that the President has made the necessary intervention to raise the wages of plantation workers.

Meanwhile, the representatives of the plantation trade unions informed the minister about the problems faced by the plantation workers and the minister pointed out that special measures will be taken to protect the professional rights of the plantation workers through the new Employment Protection act which is going to be intraduce

For this occasion, many plantation trade union representatives including Minister of Water Supply and Estate Infrastructure Development Mr. Jeevan Thondaman, Member of Parliament Vadivel Suresh and Governor of Eastern Province Mr. Sendil Thondaman attended the event.