A young man looking after goats killed and buried the Gampola girl

It is reported that the police have confirmed that the 22-year-old Fatima Moonavuwara, who went missing on the 7th in Gampola Weligalla area, has been killed. This has been discovered by questioning the young man who was taking care of a herd of goats, who was arrested on suspicion of the girl’s disappearance.

The Gampola police have managed to discover that it has been buried in a coconut grove in the area. The young man has confessed that when he tried to rape the young woman, but she was havely oppose it. finally she was dragged to a nearby forest area and killed her. He further to said that her body was buried

The police have managed to find one of the young woman’s sandals and her water bottle in the foresrt near the place where the young woman is said to have been killed and buried. Police say that this young woman, who works in a pharmacy in Gampola, was killed while walking from her home to her workplace.

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