A transfer to the Divisional Secretary who opposed the illegal work of the Minister of State for Justice

It is reported that the Provincial Divisional Secretary Athma Jayaratne, who went to repossess the state property that was being misappropriated by the State Minister of Justice and Prisons, Anuradha Jayaratne, has been transferred to the Ministry of Public Services, Local Government and Provincial Councils with immediate effect.

The transfer has been given by Chandana Tennakoon, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration and Kandy District Secretary.

State Minister Anuradha Jayaratne was accused of illegally acquiring a government land, using government money to build a cultural center there and using its income for private purposes. After an investigation on the matter, the state minister was informed in writing by Divisional Secretary Athma Jayaratne to vacate the premises before 12.02.2024.

According to the Government Land Reclamation Act, the announcement that the state property will be transferred was pasted by the Divisional Secretary on the building on the 12th and it is reported that the transfer has been implemented within a fortnight.

The Divisional Secretary is posting the relevant notice