A terrible accident on the Horton-Pattipola road is avoided by the cleverness of the driver.

Pattipola Police reports that another fatal accident on the Horton Pattipola mountain road was averted due to the skill of a driver.

A group of 20 people were traveling from this bus which came to Vavuniya Settikulam area to Nuwara Eliya area. when the bus comming dawn pattipola afer visiting gorttan plain,the brakes of this bus were disabled . But the driver skilfully steered the bus towards the hill on the other side of the road. bus war over turn after collidrd the mountain. fotunetly no one was injured in the incident. The police said that due to drivers cleverness full he was able prevent a terrible accident.

However, due to the accident, it has been decided to temporarily stop the entry of vehicles into the Horton area, said Chief Inspector Anil Jayasinghe, Station Commander of Pattopola Police.

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