53 spas in Negombo are closed. AIDS for two young women

According to Police Media Spokesman, Deputy Inspector General of Police Nihal Talduwa, two women who worked as sex workers in brothels in the Negombo area under the guise of massage centers have been infected with HIV infected.

During this raid, 53 massage centers were closed and 137 women working in them were arrested.

The Police Media Spokesman who further commented on this matter,

“In the last few days, a special raid was conducted in the police domains of Negombo, Kochchikade and Seeduwa. Intelligence information had been reported that they were being run as brothels illegally. Accordingly, the suspects who were arrested during the raid were brought before the court and then submitted for medical examination.

It has been revealed that two of the women who were referred for medical examination were infected with the HIV virus. We are working to identify the persons who make close contact with concerned women.